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Genesis was founded in 1982 by Ray and Cheryl Jenner.  From humble beginnings in a back room in their home, the Ministry expanded to include:

  • Counselling
  • Training others to counsel
  • International Aid via containers to Africa
  • Child sponsorship
  • Community Development
  • Income generation for widows


History of aid to Africa

In 1986 we travelled to Kenya for the very first time at the invitation of Pastor Daniel Kisemei - a Maasai Pastor.  Although it was a wonderful time of fellowship with the Maasai people, we were distressed with the living conditions, particularly for those children who had been left orphans.

We have maintained contact over the years and Pastor Daniel is still a member of the Board of Directors in Kenya.

As we travelled further afield into Uganda and Rwanda, the ravages of war and AIDS were shocking.  That first visit we agreed to assist just 5 Ugandan children who were orphans and unable to attend school.  We returned to Perth, Western Australia and asked friends to pay A$20 per month to allow a child to enter school and have at least one meal every day.  Those first 5 children became 100 within a year and today their are 4000 orphans and widows who are beneficiaries of the Genesis sponsorship programme.

Over the years we have supported:

  •  a group of aging Grandmothers in Uganda (the only relatives alive following the devastation of AIDS);
  • completed a building and built latrines and kitchen for an orphanage on the border of Rwanda;
  • worked with a team of volunteers from Perth, Western Australia who built a Clinic and Meeting room for the Maasai tribe in Isara, Kenya;
  • volunteers from Perth, built a commercial kitchen at Kianyaga Children's Home, Kenya;
  • packed and shipped 7 x 20' containers of aid to Kenya and Uganda;
  • opened numerous Clinics with donated goods and gifted medical equipment to Kenyan Hospitals;
  • provided thousands of school uniforms so African children could attend school;
  • commenced 5 primary schools in Uganda;
  • commenced a secondary school in Uganda;
  • commenced a diploma level vocational training school in Uganda;
  • commenced 43 associations for poverty stricken widows in Uganda and 3 associations for widows in Rwanda;
  • built the largest chapel in South Western Uganda;
  • built a guest house and Community Medical Clinic in Uganda to support 15,000 people in surrounding villages;
  • provided new accommodation for teaching staff in Uganda;
  • ongoing teaching for widows in income generation; 
  • built 2 orphanages for Karen Refugee children in Thailand;
  • taken short-term workers to the Philippines for holiday programmes and feeding for poor island children;
  • sent 5 tonnes of medicine in 2 shipments to hospitals and Health Department in Cuba;
  • an outreach to children living on the streets of Pattaya, Thailand.


Current projects

The following are current projects:

  1. Peaceful Children's Home, Kianyaga, Kenya
  2. Merciful Redeemer Children's Home, Kitengela, Kenya
  3. Oloontulugum Primary School, Oloontulugum, Kenya
  4. Sanare Primary School, Sanare, Kenya 
  5. Immanuel Afrika, Lusagetti, Kenya
  6. Beat the Drum, Maai Mahiu, Kenya
  7. Strong Tower, Naivasha, Kenya
  8. Rehema Girls, Nyahururu, Kenya
  9. Rubaare Education Foundation, Rubaare, Uganda
  10. REF Vocational Training College, Rubaare, Uganda
  11. Rubaare Primary School, Uganda
  12. Buhanda Primary School, Uganda
  13. Kabuyanda Primary School, Uganda
  14. Fountain Primary School, Uganda
  15. Rukungiri Primary School, Uganda (opening 2011)
  16. 46 Associations for widows to learning income generation


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